Corporate Law

“Andreas Kalogiannides is one of the most diligent, articulate and thorough professionals that I have had the chance to work with; his natural ability to handle complex, stressful situations in a calm and discerning manner is a breath of fresh air. Andreas has helped me navigate various business matters pertaining to my company, including contract drafting, thoughtful legal counsel, explanation of legal strategy and concepts, organization of administrative affairs and corporate structuring. Andreas is also an advocate and champion for music, which is one of the many similarities we share. It is always refreshing to be able to form professional relationships with positive, passionate people and I am more than happy to recommend Andreas Kalogiannides with regards to assisting individuals and organizations with their legal needs.”

–Shez Mehra, 194 Group Inc.

“My business partner and I hired Andreas to walk us through the merger of our existing businesses and work out a fair partnership agreement. It was an arduous process but Andreas stuck with us and made it easier for us every step of the way. He explained complicated legal concepts to us, sometimes over and over again until we got it. He demonstrated patience, integrity, enthusiasm and professionalism. And he’s genuinely a really nice guy. For these reasons, we would highly recommend him to anyone starting a business, and we’re excited to keep working with him as we grow.”

–Gina Fusco, Re:Word Communications Inc.

“Andreas recently assisted me and I was very happy with the process. He was readily accessible, friendly and approachable, and quick to respond to questions with clear and thoughtful answers. Furthermore, Andreas is approachable, and his confidence made me feel at ease. I’m fortunate to have found him and I would highly recommend him to any business owner looking for legal assistance.”

– Julia Clements, Business Owner

“Great legal services. Andreas was very helpful and detail oriented from our first exploratory call all the way through the entire process of starting my own business. I strongly recommend Aura LLP”

–Jorge Zaidan, WeRide & Co. Inc.

“We used Andreas for various services such as real estate matters, starting new businesses and legal advice. He was very thorough and professional and would highly recommend him!”

–Josh Allen, Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Law

“Working with Ryan at AURA was such a pleasure. He took the time to explain everything we were signing in very understandable terms. He came up with an ingenious out of the box solution when we hit a snag. Definitely recommend!”

– Joanne Lam, Architect/Owner, Picnic Design

“Aura LLP should always be your go to resource for any of your legal needs. Their lawyers are young, smart and highly efficient. You can’t go wrong with this incredible team of brilliant legal minds.”

– Sam Anyanwu, Broker of Record, Starion Realty

“Working with lawyers, the likes of, Andreas and Ryan, is nothing shy of perfect. The clients that I have referred, to AURA, echo the same sentiment. I have both confidence in their theoretical knowledge of real estate law and their personal integrity. An absolute pleasure to work with such astute lawyers.”

– Lesli Gaynor, Realtor

“I’ve used Aura LLP to close both residential and commercial real estate transactions and mortgage renewals and in every case, they have been a pleasure to work with. Ryan and Andreas have made the process of closing a real estate deal smooth and informative. Their competence and wealth of knowledge in real estate law and commercial law assisted me in making decisions for structuring my business and they have given me insight into avoiding legal pitfalls that could arise while owning commercial and residential property. They also fought on my behalf, and gave really good counsel on a few occasions that have saved us A LOT of money. I will be using them again in the future for all my real estate law needs. I highly recommend these guys.”

– Dr. Kristian Dorken, Real Estate Owner/Investor

“As a Financial professional, I have an opportunity to work with a clientele from different professional backgrounds. It is a cognitive journey of learning clients (not only) their financial needs, but their views, hopes, aspirations… The best way to learn about the collective that we live in. The best way to learn about the presents and future about our society. Week ago I had a client that gave me hope that there is bright for all of us. Lawyer that not only loves his profession and proceeds with his full capacity of knowledge, but human with heart and exceptional kindness. It was one of the most memorable appointments where ideas were exchanged and all wrapped up with the outgoing and respectful personality that Ryan Martin radiates.  This helped me to make my right choices in a future when ever I will need legal advise. With no doubt I will choose Ryan Martin and Aura LLP”

– Biljana Jordanoska, Financial Services Professional

“Great knowledgeable and professional lawyers. Ryan and Andreas took care of my purchase + sale and executed flawlessly while providing regular updates and advice every step of the way. Thank you Aura LLP!!!”

– Stephen Thomas, Homeowner

“Andreas and his team were a pleasure to work with! He answered all of our questions and went the extra mile to make sure we were protected in our real estate deal. We will absolutely be using Aura for our real estate legal services going forward!”

–Carolyn Dawson, Real Estate Investor

“As active real estate investors, my sister and I require a lawyer that has extensive knowledge of real estate law in Canada. We have used Ryan as our lawyer on two of our investment transactions and we will continue to use him as our lawyer in future for all our real estate deals. Ryan not only make the process of closing a real estate deal smooth and efficient, he also takes time to break down all the complicated legal jargon that surrounds a real estate transaction so that we have a good understanding of the legal pitfalls that may arise throughout the course of the transaction. Regardless of whether your a first time home buyer, or an experienced real estate investor, we recommend using Ryan as your lawyer.”

–Melanie Henry, Real Estate Investor

“Ryan is a pleasure to work with. He is professional and very knowledgeable, walked us through our Real Estate purchases stress free. He has worked around our schedule being available evenings and even holidays. I definitely recommend his expertise to anyone looking for the best in this field.”

–Paula DaSilva, Starion Realty Inc. Brokerage

“My wife and I worked with Ryan on both selling our existing home and buying a new one.  Ryan was professional and knowledgeable; helping us understand the sometimes overwhelming amount of information that is involved in a real estate transaction.  We would both highly recommend Ryan’s services to anyone looking for great support in their real estate deals.”

-Luke Reystone

Entertainment & Intellectual Property

“After listening to me intently, Andreas was able to help me focus on my next key steps. Smart, highly professional, and refreshingly personable. Would HIGHLY recommend!”

– Caleigh Barker, Singer-Songwriter/Actor

“I had the good fortune to seek the advice of Andreas Kalogiannides regarding a publishing issue. He earned my respect from day one, not only with his legal expertise and professional integrity, but his friendliness. Throughout the entire process, he listened with compassion and responded promptly to all my calls; his approachability and kindness gave me the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe in the presence of a friend.”

– D.D.A, Writer

“Andreas helped me navigate three contracts over the span of a few months. He is extremely knowledgable, detail-oriented, and consistently timely in responding. He has made a very stressful process much more manageable. I would have been lost without his advice. I highly recommend him.”

–Anonymous, Columnist & Author

I sought out Andreas Kalogiannides’ legal expertise for my music career and contracts, after another artist had recommended him. I’m so glad I have Andreas as my lawyer – he is very knowledgeable, approachable, assertive and has successfully assisted me in contract negotiations over the last couple of years. I feel safe knowing I’m in good hands with his strong legal expertise, honesty and genuine disposition. I highly recommend him to all.

-Tali, Singer-Songwriter

“I’ve know and worked with Andreas Kalogiannides for a few years now. He’s helped me with several projects from a legal perspective: content creation, artist consent forms, and other organizational legal support. He’s professional, organized and really cares about each and every project we’ve worked on. I appreciate that he provides his personal insight on things and from a business perspective. He’s helpful in providing suggestions and recommendations which helps a lot in the industry I am in. Thanks Andreas – look forward to working together in long term both from.”

–PIQUE Toronto

“I am Artist Manager to Jazz Vocalist Ori Dagan. We have been working with Andreas in a legal capacity, with regards to contracts and right negotiations for a few years now. I will highly recommend him as an entertainment lawyer as he is very detail oriented and goes above and beyond with everything he takes on. He truly cares about the artists he represents and his advise has been so helpful to advancing Ori’s career.”

– Leonardo Dell’Anno, Producer, Artist Manager

“My wife and I contacted Andreas Kalogiannides because we needed a lawyer who was well versed in music contracts. Our daughter, a minor, had been asked to sign with a label as a new artist. As it’s an ever changing industry that we were not familiar with, we wanted to make sure our daughter had someone who could negotiate the best deal for her new career. Andreas was very clear on what he liked and didn’t like about the initial offer and helped us to obtain and negotiate a new offer that satisfied all parties. As we live in a different city, Andreas explained everything via emails and phone conversations so we could be confident about our decisions. We were very pleased that Andreas travelled to meet us and to attend our daughter’s first big concert. He will continue to be a valuable member of our team moving forward.”

–S.Gadzos & J.Montminy

“I am a singer-songwriter under the name Chloe Charles and ECHLO and have worked with Andreas in both a legal capacity as well as in a managerial capacity and through this have become good friends. Not only is he meticulous with details, but he is a rare breed of entertainment lawyers who truly cares about the artists he represents. Andreas provides more than his expert legal services; He goes above and beyond to support his artist’s as well as all artists in any capacity that he possibly can. Andreas is an active advocate for artists, and champions not only the issues of his clients but the causes of the arts scene in Toronto overall.”

–Chloe Charles

“I really appreciate what Andreas Kalogiannides has done for me. He really seems to know how to breakdown any situation given to him and makes it very easy to help decide on what the next step is. Not only is he good with what he does & does things in a astounding  professional matter , you feel that he has a good heart. Thanks Andreas and I highly recommend his services to everyone in need.”

–Eli Brown, Music Producer

“I initially contacted Andreas because I needed an intellectual property lawyer to advise me on a publishing contract.  On a Sunday afternoon, I left a message, expecting he’d be in touch the following business day.  But he emailed me within the hour, offering to review the contract.  Even though it was his last week before going on vacation, he made the time to meet with me twice, do an in-depth analysis of the document, suggest improvements, and negotiate with the publisher.  He even arranged for a colleague to continue the negotiation process in his absence.  I was so impressed that a month later I asked him to review a contract I was offered by a literary agent.

On both occasions, Andreas made it his priority to protect my legal and financial interests as well as to ensure the contracts reflected the relationship I wanted with a publisher or agent.  To that effect, he carefully explained the implications of the original contracts and the rationale for any changes he proposed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andreas to anyone in the creative community, and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

–Anita Saschanka, Author