Our ‘Housing Dreams’ Program

We are incredibly proud to share our ‘Housing Dreams’ charitable program with our official partnership with Homes First.

Since 1984, Homes First has been providing safe and affordable housing and emergency shelter, along with supportive services for individuals in all our properties. Doing this work for nearly 40 years has helped us concretely understand the issues adversely affecting the ability to house clients with complex mental health, physical health, and substance use issues. Homes First’s resident support services are focused on maintaining housing, improving overall well-being, and educating on rights and responsibilities as tenants. Homes First applies a housing first ethos: our housing is not contingent on participation in any programs or services. Our focus is the safety and dignity of clients and making available a wide range of flexible services to benefit clients when they are ready.

Homes First currently operates 11 shelters and 14 housing programs in Toronto, serving over 6000 unique individuals every year. In the last two years, we have seen an incredible spike in the need for our services. The pandemic exacerbated pre-existing barriers for many, creating more individuals at risk for homelessness than ever; homelessness numbers are consistently rising. There are over 8700 people in the city of Toronto experiencing homelessness on any given night; this number is constantly growing and is based off individuals’ self-disclosure, meaning, the assumption is that the number is much higher

Aura LLP Wants to Help Now More than Ever 

In 2020, Aura LLP was the official sponsor of Homes First’s 2020 Holiday Campaign, which ran from Giving Tuesday until December 31st. Together, we raised over $70,000 for Toronto’s most vulnerable homeless population.

In 2021, Aura LLP donated over $3,000 that came from the Housing Dreams program.

In 2022 and 2023, we are committed to doing even more! Stay tuned to see the impact Aura helps make in ending chronic homelessness in the city of Toronto.

Toronto Should be Homefull. We Believe it Will Be

Aura LLP donates 2% of it’s legal fee through ‘Housing Dreams’ Programs

As part of our ‘Housing Dreams’ charitable program and to demonstrate our commitment to affordable housing and housing supports in the GTA, Aura LLP donates 2% of its legal fee from every residential real estate closing in Ontario directly to Homes First! So every time you engage a member of the Aura team as part of your real estate sale or purchase, you will be contributing to shelter and housing supports for Toronto’s most vulnerable.

We proudly and genuinely believe in Homes First’s mission to put housing first, and everyone deserves a home. Furthermore, we believe that everyone should have an affordable, clean, and safe place to call their home.

When people have the opportunity to remain in place, grow, and be given a chance to be a genuine part of a community, they benefit, and the entire community does too.

Sharing in the Dream Brings Them Closer

For most of us, owning our own home is a dream come true. When you close your real estate transaction with Aura LLP, not only are we helping you achieve your vision, but you are also helping Toronto’s most vulnerable move closer to theirs.

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