Close your real estate deal from the comfort of your home or workplace.

At Aura LLP, you can close your real estate transaction remotely with an agent or virtually without an agent.

If you choose to close your deal remotely, one of our agents will come to your home or workplace to witness your closing documents in hard-copy form. Then, the agent will make arrangements to have the documents retuned to our office, and  processed in time for your closing.

If you close your transaction virtually, without an agent, you will use one of our firm’s mobile devices to execute electronic copies of your closing documents. Our proprietary technology and business processes protect the transaction against fraud, and ensures you are not signing documents under duress.  You will be required  take a video of the entire process on your phone or tablet, and then upload the video directly to our secure servers.  By recording an unbroken video of the signing process, Aura LLP  protects your transaction, ensures goods conveyance of title, and satisfies the requirements of your  lender and your insurer.

Whether you sign your documents virtually with an agent present or virtually without an agent, our lawyers will be right there with you via video conference to walk you through the closing process, every step of the way.

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What Precautions are you Taking During COVID-19?

The health and safety of our clients, and our staff, is our number one priority.

We have a COVID-19 screening process for both our staff and clients.

For Clients: during the intake process, each client fills out a COVID-19 screening form to determine the level of risk. Depending on the potential for exposure to COVID-19, we will put additional measures in place to maintain social distancing; and, in some cases, we will close the deal virtually and entirely electronic so that no human contact is required.

For Staff: each morning, our remote agents must certify their health status to Aura LLP through a COVID-19 screening form. If there is the possibility that this person has reasonably been exposed to COVID-19, then they will not attend our clients’ home or workplace, or touch any documents.

Will my Lender Accept Electronic Signatures?

Each lender has their own requirements concerning digital or ink signatures. We will verify directly with your lender.

As of today, of the Big 4 banks, only TD requires “wet” signature. The majority of lenders (including private lenders) accept electronic signatures.

We will never do anything that compromises the closing or creates an issue with the lender.

Will my Title Insurer Cover a Remote Signing?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our title insurance partner, Stewart Title, is not requiring face-to-face meetings as a pre-condition for obtaining title insurance.

Please visit their website.

We recommend that all of our clients obtain title insurance.

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?


Under the Electronic Commerce Act, documents and contracts may be signed electronically. They are just as valid as ink signatures.

However, the Act is a voluntary and enabling statute which enables electronic business transactions while ensuring that parties who do not want to engage in business electronically have the option to refuse to do so. Consequently, before documents with electronic signatures are exchanged and considered binding, all parties involved must have consented to conducting business electronically.

How are you Safeguarding against Fraud?

The entire interaction with the client, including the signing process, is recorded by unbroken video.

During the video conference with our lawyer, the client will take a video of their immediate surroundings to ensure that there is no unauthorised person present, and certify that they are not under duress. This may include a walk-through of the rooms of the house or condo. The client will take an unbroken video of them opening, signing each page, and sending the executed documents to our office

Immediately after signing, the client will upload or send the video directly to a secure digital folder. The lawyer will be on the video conference at all times.

Our office will not close a transaction without this video.


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