Criminal Law

Nicholas A. Xynnis, of counsel to Aura LLP,  represents our firm’s clients when they are facing criminal charges; in fact, there are times when our entertainment clients require a criminal lawyer. We do our best to ensure that, whatever the charges, our entertainment clients remain able to work, perform and create (including travelling to the U.S. and abroad). Nicholas practices criminal law through his own firm, Nicholas A. Xynnis, Barrister and Solicitor.

While, typically, we take on criminal matters only for current clients, we do accept new criminal clients.

Through counsel Nicholas A. Xynnis, Aura represents clients in criminal matters, including the following charges:

  • firearms offences
  • drug offences
  • sexual assault
  • Assault
  • impaired driving
  • Criminal driving (e.g. dangerous driving, hit-and-run, driving while disqualified, etc.)
Bail Hearings

Depending on the severity of your charges, the Crown prosecutor or the police may oppose your release from jail and you may require a bail hearing. Once you are released, you can expect to be placed on conditions, including restrictions on travel, remaining at home and associating with certain individuals.