About Us

Aura LLP was founded in early 2019 by lawyers Andreas Kalogiannides and Ryan Martin as a bespoke law firm representing individuals and businesses across Canada. Our practice in business, real estate and arts & culture reflects not only our expertise, but also our team’s approach to everyday life: building relationships within a community of good clients, knowledgeable professionals and trusted colleagues. And we have a combined 11+ years of experience doing it.

We started Aura LLP because we recognised that client expectations are shifting, and that lawyers need to adapt. We envisioned a solution-focused law firm which provides clients with big law firm expertise, but also with small firm flexibility and client focus. Legal solutions customised to your situation and needs. And Aura LLP has successfully done exactly that.

This is why we offer free valet parking for our real estate clients, or send a car for you (at no extra charge). It is also why we offer consultations via Skype or Google Hangout.

We make our clients money and protect their interests. Recently, we have:

  • negotiated and closed several major-label deals, securing large advances and favourable royalty rates and deal terms
  • managed the tour transaction for a high-profile US hip-hop artist
  • negotiated a commercial leasing transaction deal for food, beverage & live-music brand
  • closed dozens of residential and commercial real estate transactions
  • helped protect our film clients by securing E&O insurance, and structuring joint venture content deals.

Check out what makes Aura different.